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Nutrition is a science.

But eating is a behaviour.

Our Accredited Practising Dietitians are unique, being  highly-trained counsellors with both expertise in nutrition and a background in mindfulness-based therapy.

We offer individual counselling as well as regular courses, workshops and retreats for both the public and other health professionals.

With our clients, our aim is to empower and inspire people to make changes to create a healthier life. Refreshingly respectful of our clients’ knowledge of their own lives and bodies, we take a holistic approach which acknowledges the many factors impacting on your food choices.

Our areas of special interest include weight management using a non-diet approach, kidney nutrition and food allergies and intolerance and infant and childhood nutrition.

“Let’s drop the dieting mindset and get back to basics with nutrition. Let’s enjoy the countless benefits that flow having healthy relationship with your body and  food.”

Karen Fry, Director – Nourish Nutrition Consulting



Private consultations are an opportunity to build your knowledge and confidence around nutrition and well-being. Karen’s holistic approach and broad knowledge of the nutrition research enable her to motivate and empower her clients. Her mission is to inspire people to lead healthier and happier lives through a better relationship to food and their bodies. In one-on-one consultations, clients are supported to enjoy a better nutrition quality of life. Read more



Our retreats are informative and experiential weekends which bring mindfulness and nutrition together and teach you how to create greater balance in your body, mind and life. With the program of evidence-based seminars, daily mindfulness practices and yoga, as well as a wholefood-based menu, retreat guests leave feeling nurtured, rejuvenated and inspired to make changes in their everyday lives.   Read more

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Non-Diet Approach

Dieting for weight loss does not work for the vast majority of people. Karen advocates a more holistic, nurturing approach which supports people to drop the dieting mindset and shifts the goal posts from weight and calorie-counting to health and wellness. This flexible, nurturing approach supports clients to optimise their health, achieve their most comfortable weight and find satisfaction in their food choices. Read more

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